Monday, December 7, 2015

Platform, Audience and Purpose - Oh my!

What a great turnout we've had in our blogging challenge so far! The DLC team has enjoyed engaging in meaningful digital discussions with you as you have made important decisions about your blogging platform, audience and purpose. 

Of the three things we have asked you to consider - platform, audience and purpose...which is most important? How do they all relate and work together to create a blog that is meaningful? 

Many of you who are participating in this challenge have expressed that your blog will be a location for personal reflection or serve to as a window to provide a glimpse into your classroom. 

Consider these questions as you take the next steps in your blogging journey:
1. How often will you blog? 
2. How will personal reflection lead to professional growth? 
3. Will you establish a standard for blogging, answering the question "is this blog worthy?"
4. How will you advertise your blog?

As a reminder, please be aware that in order to receive flex credit for module 1 in Eduphoria -- you must submit the assignment affiliated with it. 

Reach out to your Digital Learning Coach to support you on your blogging journey.